Centennial Gardens

Floral Park Conservation Society's Making A Difference

Our History

Centennial Gardens


This 12+ acre site has served the Village of Floral Park community for over 70 years as an active storm basin (or ‘sump’ as sometimes called). Over  the years, Nassau County Storm Basin #120 collected storm waters in its four sections before passing excess water to another basin in Elmont. The water table dropped when storm sewers were installed, thereby reducing the amount of water flowing into the basin. Thus, most of the time, the basin is not needed for its primary purpose.  


Floral Park Creating a Passive Use Park


Determining the future of the basin took several years, but a consensus of  concerned neighbors was reached recommending that a passive recreational area be created that would capitalize on the trees and plantings already in place. In reaching this consensus, it was noted that other communities, including nearby Garden City and Hofstra University, had converted storm basins into bird sanctuary and special planting areas.


Thus, with the overwhelming support of the neighborhood, Floral Park negotiated with Nassau County for use of the site. Eventually, the Nassau County Legislature approved a 30 year renewable lease with the Village of Floral Park. With a long term lease in place, the Village has been able to make the positive capital improvements necessary to develop the storm basin into an attractive passive recreation area.


Floral Park Conservation Society


Interested residents formed the Floral Park Conservation Society (FPCS), a non-profit organization formed to provide service to the community at Centennial Gardens. The FPCS received non-profit status through the Internal Revenue Service, thus allowing donors to provide tax deductible contributions to the FPCS. The FPCS volunteers dedicate thousands of work hours each year to undertake the long, but rewarding, process of transforming the formerly neglected site into a landmark garden and bird sanctuary which will be enjoyed by generations of residents. 

Volunteer Projects


Once the Village completed the initial task of removing the chain link fence and locating new tubular estate fencing 20-feet closer to the streets, the FPCS began the process of transforming the formerly debris-strewn storm basin into a passive recreation park.

 Over the years, scores of gardens have been created, with hundreds of plants and trees added to the area.  Each year, steady progress has been made with significant projects, including the construction of the wooden center pathway bridge, the creation of several scenic overlooks with sitting areas, and many beautiful yet functional pathways added to the site. 




You’re invited!


Whether you are a master gardener or want to learn a thing or two about flowers or birds, there is a place for you in the FP Conservation Society. We need volunteers with trades skills, as well as anyone willing to lend a hand, those with critical eyes and good ideas, and just about anyone who cares to volunteer is invited to join the team!


Make a Difference!


The many gardens, trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals will take multiple years to plant and maintain.  With the support of residents and friends, the Centennial Gardens and Bird Sanctuary will evolve into a treasured passive recreation area and a place for the peaceful contemplation of nature’s beauty. Join today!


Since Floral Park began creating Centennial Gardens, the resulting improvements have been amazing.  There are now beautiful gardens of various sizes, including one with prize winning roses located along Raff Avenue.


The improved infrastructure enhancements to date have also been impressive.  Through donations and community support, park benches, scenic overlooks, irrigation systems, the beautiful wooden walking bridge, the waterfall and walking paths have already been completed.


The future progress of Centennial Gardens depends, however, upon the continued support and assistance of the entire Floral Park community.  Please become a part of this worthy cause.  Come join your neighbors!


The Floral Park Conservation Society is an all volunteer not for profit recognized by the IRS as a section 501-c-3 organization. Please make a donation right now by mailing your donations to the Floral Park Conservation Societyc/o Joe Serra at 144 Ash Street, Floral Park, NY 11001